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ePub Reader for Android – Feel a Great Reading Experience

ePub Reader for Android – Feel a Great Reading Experience

Today Millions of People in the worldwide tend to read books though e-reader which has made reading experience more simple. Now You can read your favorite books in anywhere at anytime with your  smartphone, tablet or any android devices.   Although there are plenty of e-Pub readers available on the internet, it is your decision select the best e-Pub reader for Android  then you can turn your Android device to a well equipped freely access mobile library. Let’s talk about some best e-Pub readers so then it will be easy for you to make a correct decision in selecting a best e-reader which makes great reading experience.

Let’s have look at the 06 top Best eBook readers for your Android device.


The  06 Top Best ePub Readers for Android

Aldiko Book Reader


It is one of the best e-Pub reader for Android platform which can easily browse and download your favorite ebooks  just in few steps. Aldiko Book Reader available as free version for a trial and available in a paid version with all the features.

Most popular features of Aldiko Book Reader are as follows:

  • Support for EPUB, PDF formats and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks.
  • Support eBooks from public libraries.
  • Support for night time reading which is easy to switch between night and day mode.
  • Can alter text size and margins.
  • Can highlight and write notes on ePub files ( Only available in paid version)
  • User friendly interface which is support for Android phones and tablets.


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Alreader is the great ebook reader which comes along with plenty of functionality.It is  specially designed for reading fiction books.  It is compatible with Android 1.6+ and as well it supports mostly common ebook reader formats like ePub, RTF, MOBI ect…Alreader looks very impressive when it compare with other eReader formats.

Lets have a look common features of Alreader:

  • Support for reading formats like fb2, fbz, txt, epub (no DRM), html, doc, docx, odt, rtf, mobi (no DRM), prc (PalmDoc), tcr. Supported ZIP and GZ archives.
  • Able to handle external dictionaries.
  • Support Text -To-Speech
  • Auto scroll features of “wave” and “Slide”  available
  • Paging is more realistic with 3D Animation.
  • Clock is available behind the text.

Cool Reader



Cool reader is excellent and highly configurable eBook viewer which has been around for long time. It is totally free application and it is provide XML and CSS based ebook reader for Android. Cool Reader is Multi platform application so it will make reading experience more comfortable.

Go though the following features of Cool reader:

  • Support epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml formats.
  • Support for OPDS online catalogs
  • Support for Japanese, Korean, Chinese languages.
  • Book can be read out loudly with the Text to Speech option.
  • Help to you to browse online eBook catalogue.
  • Easy to read in the night with night mode option where it display white colour fonts in black colour background

FB Reader



FB Reader is basically known as highly customizable eBook reader which is stands for Favorite Book Reader. This app is multi Platform eBook reader for Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows and more. FB Reader provides access to famous network library which stores large set of eBooks.

Common features of FB Reader are as follows;

  • Able to search and find any phase though the many pages in the eBook
  • Supports many formats like ePub, fb2, mobi, rtf, html, plain text, and a lot of other formats.
  • Able to organize books according to your preferences ( by author, by series)
  • Provide access from web browser and from FBReader for Android easily.
  • Highly Customizable ( page turning animation, select fonts and colors.
  • Can rotate the screen by 90,180 and 270 degrees.


Amazon Kindle



Amazon Kindle brings the Millions of eBooks at your finger-steps. Millions of eBooks available in the Kindle stores which is designed by the Amazon.com. No matter you are Magazine reader, Newspaper reader or book reader.You can read any type of digital media though the wireless networking to the Kindle stores.  You can either buy, download, browse or read whatever you like via the Amazon Kindle App and of course you do not need Kindle device for that.

Main interesting features are as follows:

  • Ability to highlight and take notes
  • Ability to organize your eBook collection
  • Supports only for AZW which is the Amazon’s own ebook format
  • Can read books in your favorite language such as Japanese, Chinese, Latin and many more…
  • Ability to  sync your ebooks
  • Provide access to read first chapter of book to get an idea when you want to buy a ebook.


Google Play Books



Google Play Books is another app with massive collection of ebooks. It is also known as Google eBooks where users can read online as well as offline, buy and download ebooks through the Google Play which is popular as the world’s largest eBook store.

Google Play Books common Features:

  • Capability of reading online as well as offline by downloading the ebook
  • Capability of read online in any web browser with JavaScript
  • Users can upload ebook in PDF or ePub format free of charge.
  • Can be sync across the devices.
  • Possibility of read aloud with Google-Text to Speech option  (If publisher allows only)
  • Can be select 03 type of reading mode- Day, Night and Sephia mode


Hope this article will help you to find out the best e-Pub Reader for your Android. If so please do not forget to share your feedback with me and please like my page and share the article among your friends.