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Calibre download for PDF to Epub converter

What is Calibre ?

Calibre download tool is a free and open source e-book software which is developed by users of e-books to manage e-book collections. It has consist of many features such as create, edit and read e-books and also it has supports different e-reader formats like epub formats easily and support for large number of devices easily. Now a days there are so many epub readers using this software to download free epub books. And also by using calibre download tool, you can easily can convert pdf files to epub files totally free of charge. Sony introduced the PRS-500 e-book readers on 31st October 2006 and enable the use of the PRS-500 formats on Linux. In 2008 this program name changed to “Calibre”


Features of the Calibre Download

Calibre Supports different types of file formats and reading devices and most of them can be edited, like changing the font, font size, margins, Meta data and can be added auto generated table of contents. It can sort the books in your library by Author, Title, Date added, Date published, Size, Rating, Series etc. By using this software you can easily search your book from the collection. Its supports to search all above mentioned fields without any problem.

This software supports all the main e-books formats and it can convert huge number of formats to huge number of formats. The e-book conversion engine has a lot of different features. It can change the font sizes and ensure that output e-book file is readable and no problem what font sizes that document uses. It can automatically detect book structure such as table of contents.

Now Calibre has built in web server and it allows to access your e-book collection by using a simple browser from any place or any computer and it can email your books and downloaded news to you automatically. The other advantage is it is support for mobile devices and you can download or browse your collection by using your smart phone.

It has consisting in editor that you can edit e-books formats. Editor has a live preview showing the changes you make for them and its includes a comprehensive tool that you able to find many errors in book structure and formatting. Some of them fix automatically. Also this editor has integrated review tool to identify the differences between different versions of the E-book. Download calibre software by using following link.

calibre download, epub

How to Install Calibre for Android – Steps

  1. Search the Calibre application in Play store app

de 12.Select “Calibre Library” from the list.It is shows with the stacks of books and install the app by clicking the                    install and click “Open”

de 2

3. Select the “Change Settings”

de 3

4. Insert the Calibre IP address to the its running machine that you want to get the E-book form. To make the          connection click “OK”and “Connect” Calibre download on your computer. Next Select “Start Content Server” if you are      not already have one setup to complete the PC side of the equation.

de 4

How to Download and Install Calibre for Windows

  1. Search the Download page of Calibre and Click the right button of the mouse on the Calibre Download  and select “save link as”

step 1 new2.Find the Folder to Save the file on your computer

3.Open the saved file and double click your mouse point

step 2 new


4. please follow up the instructions of the installer and complete the process

step 3 new

step 4 new


How to Convert PDF to Epub – Video Guide

This video guide is include the entire process and help you how to download and install Calibre software to your windows PC and how to convert a PDF file to Epub file with Calibre.